Tertium not datum?

I have maked this site for all, who like chess.
I have devised new chess for three players.
Wellcome to 3-chess!


I have devised new chess for three players. For what reason? Strange as it may appear for more interesting and more multiforming play. I believe, so I touch success in this.
Now set up.

About pole

Sphere of action (chess-board) is rectilineal hexagon
parted on six rectilineal main triangles.
Each of these six main triangles parted on 25 rectilineal small triangles by parallel sides of main triangle lines.
As follows from the above in sum we get 6*25= 150 triangles in field for play.

Illuninated triangles following one after another in one of three main colours (black, gray, white) we get the field for play ready.

How to play

How to move chess-man you can see in the following pictures.

Pawn moves

Pawn move on three front fields but can beat only two extreme of them.
Seems logical the "En Passe" rule not apply and on the first move for the pawns they cant move two spaces.


Castle's moves.


Knight's moves.


Queen's moves.


Bishop's moves.


Only one new chess-man is bow-man.
Bow-man's moves.


King's moves.

Players move

After loss one of players his chess-mans remain on chess-board but the rest two players can beat them.

Players move on hand.


First, what i done -- other chess-mans.

Variant of the chess-mans, where understandable, why they are so named.
There variants for others colors.

Yellow-green skin.

Blue-red skin.
Download skins.


I have devised new chess for three players in august'98.


This game is provided ``as is'' for free use of individual users.


Files desk and chess-mans in format Corel Draw (cdr ver. 7.0).
Just print, laminate and play.
Pole_new_chess.rar 207,9 Kb Download.
Files of skins in format Corel Draw (cdr ver. 7.0).
Files of chess-boards, chess-mans, and together.
Skins_new_chess.rar 538 Kb Download.
This document (htm). Docs_new_chess.rar 100 Kb Download.
Wallpaper 3-chess Wallpaper 3-chess.
Made in 3dmax 6.0.
On back there is Volga river.
Rendering 1024х768.
3-chess1024x768.jpg 191 Kb Download.

About notice

Coordinate: count, latin symbol, greek symbol.

Bag! For first line from 4 to 8 write: symbol-number of line, fore exapmple "f-1".

For other poles write: white move 9alfa:7alfa.
Black: kGamma:kSygma.
Gray: 3Kappa:3Tate.


If this will be logical necessarily I will continue this description.
I will very thankful for any mesages on this theme.


Thanks for:
Iliya Chernishev for help in develope conception and critics,
Vadim Erutov for help in rulez and beta-testing,
Alexey Pavlov for help in write old manual and funs,
my wife Evgeniya, she know for what :-)


You can discuss this play on forum of 3-chess.

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Version: 8,0,24,0
Browser: Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and CompuServe
Date Posted: 3/14/2006
Language: English

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